Saturday, December 27, 2014

Who's who?!?

Geezzzz.... I am so confused on who is supposed to be killing who right now... If I understand it correctly cops are only supposed to kill black people, Right?!?! Black people are supposed to kill cops... But do they kill black cops?!? 

This is so ridiculous. I know I started with a joke, but there is nothing funny about what is going on right now. As I watch the events unfolding in a nation I love, I am truly embarrassed. Living the life that I have lived, there are certain things that one comes to understand about people. There are good and bad in everyone. In most cases the good out weighs the bad by leaps and bounds. However, in other circles, the lines between the two are carefully drawn and sometimes blurry. However, it has been my experience in dealing with the law, the line is not the blurry. 

This line is clearly drawn. It's simple, break the law and there are consequences. There are 2 incidences within 20 miles of one another where a CRIMINAL(black or white, doesn't matter) was shot and killed. Both times while the officer was being assaulted!!! Shot... absolutely, killed... unfortunately. However, I can assure you neither of the officers in question set out into their day hoping to kill a black person, or ANYONE for that matter. There is nothing anyone can say or do to make me believe otherwise. 

I have had a chance to see both sides of the law. I grew up in a family that lived on both sides of it. In my family we had highly decorated detectives to K-9 officers, all the way to the polar opposite with outlaw bikers to drug dealers and thieves. Each side of the family keeping their distance from the other. Now, in saying that, never once did I see one of the law enforcement officers start their day with a list of black people they were going to kill. Nor did I see the thieves, dealers or bikers start out with a list of cops that weren't intended to make it home that day! Soooo, HOW IN THE WORLD DID WE GET HERE?!?! 

It occurs to me that more and more people have a very low value for human life these days. A human life is not just one person. You show me one human that doesn't know at least one other human in the world. Even in these cases, these criminals that were killed had families; now grieving families. That is 100% understandable, however, when it comes down to it, these assailants were putting another set of human lives in peril. These officers' lives and the other human lives they touch were being put in jeopardy. What were they to do? 

So I pose these questions: If you are being assaulted and have the means to prevent it, do you? Do you take another life to save you own? Do you cause grief to another set of human lives to prevent your own from shouldering the same grief? Would you, as a parent, a brother, a sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle or in-law (no matter what you are to someone else), do all you could do to protect yourself and others from feeling the pain of losing your life? 

I answer all of these with a resounding YES!!! I would be willing to bet that you would answer the same. So why is it things are unfolding the way that they are?!? Why when a person protects himself is it questioned? 

So many questions, all with simple answers, but NO ONE will speak the truth! And yet, the truth is the only cure for this open wound.

Amazingly Embarrassed
                ~ Michael

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