Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do the Math

There is no major course of action in my life that I don't do twice. The first time is always done in my head. I play out all of the scenarios in my head that I can muster long before I move forward. This helps me to put a value on the action and from there its worth in my life. Lets me see if the reward is worth the effort.

Doing this helps me to pick the things that I am willing to struggle with a little more accordingly. It allows me to not engage in that losing battle per say. In the long run, it keeps me from wasting valuable time on something that may not add any value to my life. It also provides a little insight into the pain that might come along with the choices that I make. 

To some this may seem cold, crass and calculating. To you I say very good. It is. Most times it allows me to make my decisions without being riddled with raw emotion. Without being blinded by the anger surging through my body in the moment. It keeps me from making hasty, impulsive decisions. 

Keeping that in mind, this was not always the case for me. There was a time in my life that I would leave a path of destruction a mile wide. At that point in my life I would burn everything down and do my "happy dance" in the ashes. I used to describe what I felt inside as a tornado looking for a trailer park. However, taking the time to think things through has calmed the storm raging inside quite a bit.  

Now, that was the lighter side of this. See, though I like the calmer side of things these days, people tend to take my kindness for a weakness. I know, if properly engaged, that storm is still lurking inside waiting on the right conditions to make a mess out of everything that is in its path and I'll probably like it. Therefore I try to avoid situations that put me in such a tight spot.

I know, however, that I am not always going to be able to avoid everything all the time. There is always that unknown, the proverbial X factor. I like to count on the fact that since I make the hard decisions over time, when it comes time to make that one, life altering, quick decision I would have already played out one of those scenarios in my head. Giving me the ability to better deal with any of the fallout that may ensue.

So, take your time, make educated decisions. Decide whether whatever lays on your plate this morning is a battle worth fighting. Play out all of the scenarios to see if the outcome is in your favor. Maybe, just maybe, an extended thought process could save some undue adversity on the back end. 

Ever Calculating

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