Friday, June 22, 2012

Stress Relief

To say the least, my life over the last 6 months or so, though simple has been a little stressed and strained. There have been many things that have weighed on my mind, heart, body and soul. My physical health, my emotional strength and mental well being have all been put to the test. Some of which I have brought on myself and some decided it would impose on me whether I wanted it to or not.

Even though it has been trying times, I am one of the lucky ones. I have outlets! I have a wonderful support team around me. I choose my friends very carefully so I have very few fair-weather friends. Either near are far, I know that if I need them they will be there for me. My family, though not perfect, are a great source of help. Whether it be advice, input or just an open ear they are usually there for me. Some more than others, but that is by design. I know that I always have these things to turn to if needed.

Now, keeping that in mind, that is not always the route that is best suited for me given the situation. I have my own personal outlets as well. It is not odd for me to put some music in my ears, get on my bike and just go. Don't have to have a destination... just go. Sometimes I just need to get things out of my head and my writings allow me to do that without having to listening to input that I didn't ask for. (For those that read... You're welcome for the entertainment!) These are my more peaceful outlets.

However, I have others as well. Anyone who knows me, knows about my passion for guns and weaponry in general. I like to talk about guns (to those deserving), work on them, shoot them and even cleaning them is enjoyable to me. To break them down and clean, repair and alter is peaceful to me. Something that I can do alone with just my thoughts and the cold steel.

So, today, as I am going through whatever it is that is weighing on me, if you drive through the neighborhood and you hear gunshots ring out there is no need to be frightened. It is just me blowing off some steam so that I don't erupt. 

As I don my ear plugs and glasses I know that relief is on the way. As the hard stock enters my shoulder, I prepare for the gentle massage that the recoil will bring. Looking through the sights I see the stress, knowing that in just a split second the answer is on its way. The squeeze of the trigger sends a round down range and a surge of energy through my body, all the while I feel the weight being lifted from me. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, as the mag empties and the weapon gets lighter... SO DO I!

So that was a little insight into today's events. I was able to run through about 500 rounds today, giving me a little relief of what is wearing on me today. I am grateful that I live in a place that allows me to step out my back door and do this. That is my version of peacefulness.

So I pray you find your peaceful spot, whether it is riding a bike, writing, talking with family or behind the sights. Whatever it is for you. Find it. Utilize it. Embrace it. Because I don't know about you, but I would much rather have physical pain than internal turmoil any day. Physical pain usually heals, living with heartache could last a lifetime.

Destressed for now...

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