Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fair-weather Friend

In talking with a friend the other day I was told that they didn't want to burden me with their problems. It struck me kinda funny that they would say this to me. I mean, isn't that what friends are for?!?! Aren't friends supposed to be there for you through it all?!?! I guess it would be nice to just be there when everything is wonderful wonderful. I just don't know that I am built that way. 

I know that there are many times that I would rather talk with someone rather than keep everything bottled up until there should be a "Contents Under Pressure" label on my head! So then does that make me a burden on my friends? I would hope not. 

I would like to think that if I am willing to share all of my good times with you, that you, as my friend, would be willing to go through some of the bad times with me. I would like to think that just because things got a little rough that you would not abandon ship and leave me in my time of need. I am not saying that my friends should be dumping stations for me to pour my whole life in their lap every time that we speak. However, weathering the storm WITH me when I am having a bad day shouldn't be too much to ask. 

I don't ever mind being the shoulder to lean on. I don't ever care if your bad day interjects into my good days. If you need an outlet to vent to, I can be that for my friends. That is really OK with me. I believe that there is nothing that a true friendship cannot work through.

I have developed quite an assortment of problem solving skills in my time. Some of these have been acquired through my own personal experiences. Others I have picked up along the way watching others journeying through their trials and tribulations. No matter how I added these tools to my box, I am glad that I have them. It has given me the ability to be a better friend to those who need, want and deserve my friendship. 

You will find that if you are willing to stick it out through the roughest times of your friends' lives that your friends are much more willing to spend their good days with you as well. So, I beg of you.... The next time that you are avoiding a friend that is fighting through their turmoil, maybe you should look into the value of your friendship. Ask yourself if you are a true friend or just a fair-weather friend???  

Your Friend

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  1. You know me, it's never a burden! But I must say, I have had a few friendships that I thought were real, but then found that they were just good for them when they needed me. With that said, most are fair weather friends to me these days, but once the bond is formed, I am here, even if we haven't spoken in years. I take great pride in being a real friend, just wish there were more like me in my life. <3